Spanish resources for home or school

I'm excited to share with you a resource that I found for my six year old daughter, who has been interested in learning cursive.  In kindergarten, she mastered printing by using a copywork book, and in her goals for this school year, she decided she would like to learn cursive.  Another goal of hers was to learn to read in Spanish.  We are all bilingual readers in our house, and she wasn't going to be left behind.  In the traditional fashion, I began by teaching her the vowel sounds and progressed with syllable based readers. Since she's already reading in English, the progress has been quick.  Sometimes, I just have to remind her that "me" in English is different that "me" in Spanish.  

Back to the recommended resource.  I have always been a fan of the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum, and was very excited to see that they have a set of books for Spanish learners.  This book is not cute or fancy to look at, but the methodology and instruction inside is just what I like, repetitive with visual and verbal cues for writing.  She feels successful every time she uses it, and is reviewing syllable breaks and pronunciation, both necessary for Spanish reading.  This, while she is mastering the fine motor skills required for cursive writing.  You can find a video of our short lesson @semillas_bilngues on Instagram. (affliate links included)