Connecting with Spanish books

After a lovely  trip to Mexico, and taking a bit of time to have a more traditional summer break, our house like may across the country and world are gearing up to return to school.  Whether that be homeschool , private school, or public school, there always seems to be a feeling of new beginnings, something akin to a New Year's resolution in the air.  How will our children spend their precious extracurricular time?  What things will we prioritize for our families? 

In our home, Spanish language exposure always seems to be near the top of the list. I've shared how I am trying to be more intentional about this with my children in other posts, but reading in Spanish is always something I am promoting, hem, pushing...

My US raised Spanish speakers sometimes have a hard time connecting with authentic Spanish literature.  I am very sensitive to translations, but both of these books speak to my kids in a Spanish that they "get".  Love when that happens and they are in stitches and asking to read more!  Bilingual Mama win!

 there are some good ones available on Amazon.  (affliate links are included)